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At eHostAsia, we understand that our customers' emails are "mission critical." That is why we provide a hosting solution that is RELIABLE and SECURE at all endpoints.

secure emailEnterprise Storage and HIPAA Compliant Secure Email Transmission

Each mailbox comes with 25GB of storage and you can send 50MB attachments. We encrypt all data "in transit" via Transport Layer Security v1.2 (TLS). Our webmail interface is also encrypted so you can securely access your email anywhere using a web browser. Your email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) can also be configured using secure ports via SSL on all protocols (POP, IMAP, SMTP)

reliabilityCommitment to Outstanding Reliability

Redundancy is the key to successful email delivery. Our inbound email servers, which are separate from your email storage servers, are set up in a redundant failover configuration so that your mail is always delivered quickly and correctly even if a server fails or becomes unavailable for any reason. In the unlikely event that your email storage server becomes temporarily unavailable, backup spools will automatically queue your mail and retry delivery to ensure that no mail gets dropped or lost and that it gets delivered as fast as possible.

free migrationComplimentary Setup & Migration

We will migrate you over from another service provider free of charge, all done seamlessly with no downtime.
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