If you have been concerned with the rising tide of spam mails – you are not alone. An accurate estimate is that over 95% of all email traffic is spam, making it the most pervasive and difficult problem online today. Businesses have spent and wasted lots of money to fight spam and virus attacks, ranging from hardware and software investments and updates, to downtime and lost productivity. Millions of dollars are spent battling spammers as they grow increasingly more sophisticated.

With eHostAsia business email hosting, you can stop worrying about spam and viruses. We do all the front-end filtering to deliver clean, intended email with no spam, no viruses, no junk!

eHostAsia Stops the Threat at the Door

Most small businesses simply cannot afford the superior protection that is needed to stop the growing threat from malicious email attacks. They just live with an “acceptable” level of junk and spam mail that they delete manually on a daily basis, wasting their time and resources.

When you use eHostAsia’s business email service, you get one of the highest levels of spam and virus protection available today. We use cutting edge technology from industry leaders to keep the mail coming through, and the spam out!

Key Features of eHostAsia Spam Protection

eHostAsia email hosting for business uses a multi-layered system to identify and thwart attacks in real-time, before they can clog your inbox. The system utilizes Coudmark’s Advanced Message Fingerprinting™ technology and real-time feedback from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network™ system to rapidly detect even the most advanced messaging threats, including mutating spam and phishing attacks. It also incorporates Cloudmark Sender Intelligence™ managed IP reputation service to accurately thwart attacks from bot-infected systems. With this, you are assured that your hosted email will be more secure than your previous solution because of the many layers of security we’ve built into our system.

Spam/Virus protection from CloudMarkcheck_circle
98% effective in identifying and blocking spamcheck_circle
Whitelist/Blacklist editing capabilitiescheck_circle
Easy integration with all email programscheck_circle
Spam fingerprints updated in sub-minute intervalscheck_circle

Avoid the time and cost of managing your in-house or cloud email servers. Stop tying up your best IT people with email issues if email is not your core business. Leave it to the email experts!